June 26, 2012

Making Non-Alcohol ‘Glycerites’ with Vegetable Glycerin & Fresh Plant Material

If you want to extract plant medicines into a liquid that does not contain alcohol, then one good option is to make a glycerite.  This is very similar to making a 'tincture', except that a tincture is made with alcohol. Sure, you can easily buy an Echinacea Glycerite at Whole Foods, but they are also easy and so fun to make!  Glycerin is a vegetable sugar and does not contain alcohol.  I currently buy my glycerin in 16oz bottles form Lhasa Karnak in Berkeley, CA.  After sufficient soaking (2-4 weeks) the liquid (called the 'menstruum') is separated from the plant dregs (called the 'marc') and the medicine is filtered. Here are two methods for making non-alcoholic plant glycerites:

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