Organic Chicken Soup with Herbs


  • One half of an organic chicken without skin, or 6 oz organic boneless, skinless chicken (If you can find a black chicken in an Asian market, that’s the best!)
  • 5 pieces of dried Asian yam ‘Shan Yao’
    Dried Red Jujubees 'Da Zao'
    Dried Red Jujubees ‘Da Zao’
  • 3-5 slices of Reishi Mushroom ‘Ling Zhi’
  • 2 Tbs of ‘Xiao Xi’ Wine
  • 2 Tbs of Job’s Tears ‘Yi Yi Ren’
  • 4 dried Red Jujube Dates ‘Da Zao’
  • 1 Tbs Southern Apricot Seeds ‘Nan Xin Ren’
  • 1 Tbs Northern Apricot Seeds ‘Bei Xin Ren’
  • Sea salt to taste



Place the ingredients into a big pot. Pour in filtered water to fill up half the pot (roughly 8 cups of water). Bring to boil, and then reduce heat to medium until the seeds are soft, roughly 1.5-2 hours.

The healing properties of the Reishi mushroom are extracted during the cooking. Once the soup is finished, you may remove the Reishi mushroom.

The consistency of the soup depends on how you like it.  Thick or thin is fine, but definitely not a stew. The soup color should look clear to medium.

Healing Properties:

Shan Yao – tonifies the Spleen Qi

Ling Zhi – boosts immunity and protects against cancer

Xiao Xi Wine – moves the blood

Yi Yi Ren – tonifies the spleen Qi, drains damp

Da Zao – tonifies spleen Qi

Xing Ren – circulates lung Qi

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  1. Soup sounds great – I can’t wait to try this recipe.

    Comment by jessica savich — September 16, 2013 @ 1:51 pm

  2. Wow! This sounds very yummy and very comforting. I’ll have to try it. Thanks!

    Comment by Ann Williams — September 21, 2013 @ 3:26 pm

  3. Thank you for the great recipe , I made some and also added some cinnamon ( Rou Gui ) to it and lots of garlic . Really helped with my common cold . Thanks

    Comment by Sai Houston — October 10, 2013 @ 2:24 pm

  4. Combinations in this soup sound interesting. Will have to track down these ingredients at an asian market I guess!

    Comment by Jodi Host — October 29, 2013 @ 10:26 pm

  5. This sounds so good! I will try it during the winter break!

    Comment by Lisa Polson — November 13, 2013 @ 11:22 am

  6. Lana,

    What was the added benefit to using a black chicken, again?

    Comment by Kim O'Berry — November 27, 2013 @ 3:52 pm

  7. Black chicken is more tonifying to the inner resources than regular chicken is, especially to those of the Kidney and Liver.

    Comment by Lana — November 28, 2013 @ 11:03 am

  8. This sounds super nourishing and delicious. My boyfriend is coming down with a cold so I did gua sha on him and he’s already feeling a little better. I’m going to make this soup today and hopefully that will do the trick.

    Comment by Heather Cochran — December 13, 2013 @ 2:37 pm

  9. This really helped my housemate, he was able to get over a cold symptom the next day!!

    Comment by Daniel Fields — December 13, 2013 @ 5:38 pm

  10. Hi Lana, thanks for this amazing recipe! I have been looking for a great chicken soup recipe and the herbs are an extra bonus! Are the herbs in this soup good for colds and coughs? Thank you! 🙂

    Comment by Valerie Houser — January 11, 2014 @ 3:10 pm

  11. Yes, Valerie it’s a great recipe, but it’s not okay to take it when you have a cold or cough.

    Comment by Lana — January 12, 2014 @ 2:38 pm

  12. Oh my goodness! a tremendous article. Thanks

    Comment by Leora Bofinger — January 11, 2016 @ 8:30 am

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