I teach weekend workshops in both Lafayette and Berkeley, CA.


Advanced Herbology and Medicine Making – 

Herbs are amazing medicines! These unique workshops will help you cultivate your relationship to the 18 most important ‘lead’ herbs in the herbal pharmacopeia.  You will get your hands involved in making various holistic medicines such as tinctures, glycerites, syrups, honey-pills, oils, and salves.

You will expand your herbal knowledge and deepen your understanding of the dynamic between the 3 crucial elements of transformational healing:

– the person’s constitution

– the disease pattern

– the herbal formula

Inspired by Shang Han Lun classical theories, this Trinity System between the persondisease and formula serves as a short-cut for the correct use of herbs. This is a monthly series of afternoon classes that can be taken in any order, as each class is an independent 4-hour weekend workshop.

Over a period of a year and a half, we will cover the healing qualities of 18 different ‘lead herbs’, one every other month.   See specific details here.

Natural Medicine & Pregnancy – From Conception to Delivery
Eastern Medicine is great for calming morning sickness, sciatica, high blood pressure, swelling, fatigue, and increasing milk supply. We’ll discuss herbs and foods that are helpful in pregnancy and what form of that herb is best to take. For example fresh ginger is a much better choice than dried ginger for pregnancy in general. We’ll discuss which foods and herbs should be avoided during pregnancy and why. We’ll also learn about foods and herbs that are useful week 38 and beyond due to their ability to smooth and promote a healthy delivery.

Healthy Kids’ Day – Hands-on Techniques
Herbal remedies and hands-on techniques that help with common childhood challenges. Kids respond very quickly to simple methods, especially those that clear heat. Bring your child with you to this 2 hour workshop and we’ll work together in pairs. You’ll receive training in a simplified version of the ‘gua sha’ rubbing technique that can be done at home when either common cold or other upper body symptoms arise.

Common Everyday Foods – Ingredients for Health
Learn how to bring balance and reduce illness through herbs and foods. Warm or hot types need more cooling foods. Cold types need more warming foods. But we’re not talking about the thermal temperature! Learn about the inner, energetic temperature of curry, garlic, honey, chrysanthemum, and many other herbs that are commonly used.

The Five Seasons – An Ecological Approach to Health
Stay Healthy amidst global warming. Learn about herbs and foods to prevent the illnesses caused by the extremes of each season. Prepare herbs (and foods) that can prevent winter colds and dangerous flus, build the immune system & reduce the longterm drying and aging effects of summertime heat.