Astragalus Wine (Huáng Qí Jiŭ 黃耆)

‘Huang Qi’ 黃耆 Astragalus is one of the most helpful tonic herbs from the Asian materia medica.  This sweet and warm herbal medicine is categorized in the same category as Ginseng, and the two herbs have some similar properties.  Astragalus is used in many formulas and is good for people who show some weakness or signs of deficiency.  The strengthening properties of this plant will help to balance out and build up the person’s weakness.  However, Astragalus is not particularly helpful for people who are prone to excess stagnation (thick tongue coating).

How to Use Astragalus:

Rice Wine

Rice Wine

Astragalus can be used in many ways.  The dried root slices are often cooked in water to extract the medicinal components.  The herb can also be taken internally in granular form, as a powder and in an alcohol extract (either as a tincture or as a wine).

Making Astragalus Wine:

It is possible to soak the dried, raw herb in rice wine for about a month to extract the medicinal qualities and create an Astragalus Wine.  This wine is especially useful for those suffering from weakness in the body that are part of the digestive, respiratory and immune systems.  Symptoms that can be treated include: low energy, weakness of the limbs, shortness of breath, or palpitations and sweating associated with Qi deficiency. It can be served as an aperitif to stimulate energy and strengthen the digestion.


  • 115g/4oz Huang Qi (Astagalus)
  • 500ml/1 pint rice wine

‘Huang Qi’ is usually sold in shavings or thin sticks. Place the’Huang Qi’ into a glass jar and cover with the rice wine. Seal the jar and leave it for 1 month, shaking the contents occasionally.

After a month, open the jar and strain the wine into a clean glass bottle. Seal. Serve in small schnapps glasses.

Source: The Chinese Herbal Cookbook, by Penelope Ody

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