Classroom Herb Treats

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Making medicinal foods & drinks and enjoying the fruits of our labor …

Tasty Treats & Libations

We enjoy tasting herbs and medicinal foods in the classroom to get a hands-on experience of their healing value.

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Various Types of Tea

We like to try new teas and drink them together as we learn about the herbs.

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Thai Soup with Galanga

Galanga is a wonderful medicinal agent used to warm the belly and aid digestion.

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Hawthorne & Walnut Dessert

Walnuts (Hu Tao Ren) are soaked and cooked with a decoction of Hawthorne Berries (Shan Zha). Add a little sugar, top with fresh mint and dried mulberries. You have a delicious, healthy dessert that reduces cholesterol and stimulates the brain!

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Herbal Elixirs

We make and explore various herbal liquors for medicinal use. Pictured are wines made with: Shi Quan Da Bu Tang, snake remedy, ‘Dang Gui’ Angelica, ‘Chen Pi’ Citrus, ‘Li Zhi’ Lycee Berries, ‘Ren Shen’ Ginseng, and ‘Gou Qi Zi’ Goji Berries.

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